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2014 Mercedes Benz ML350 4matic
1owner vehicle equipped with heated seats,bluetooth,dual climate control,lane assist,power tailgate and many other options. AWD

Price $19,499
Mileage 107,460

2016 Mercedes Benz C300
2owner  with heated seats,sunroof,touch screen display and many other options.Serviced and ready for the road.

Price $15,999
Mileage 119,116

2017 Mercedes Benz GLC300 4matic
5 passenger SUV with 4cylinder turbocharged motor.Comes with Touchscreen controls, panoramic sunroof,heated seats,dual climate control, AWD, and other options as well.

Price $22,500
Mileage 127,726

1998 Mercedes Benz E320
Nice older sedan with good miles.Heated seats, sunroof,power windows and locks. great cruiser ride.Inspected and serviced.

Priice $5,999
Mileage 113,412

2016 Mercedes Benz C300 4matic
This 2owner Cclass comes with the AMG sports package and has a 4cylinder turbocharged motor. AWD with a panoramic sunroof,lane keep,drivers assist,bluetooth,touch screen controls and many other options.
Price $20,450
Mileage 101,000

2012 Mercedes Benz C300 4matic
2owner  Awd  sedan with power seats, windows,sunroof,heated seats and bluetooth connectivity.

Price $11,999
Mileage 102,781

2013 Mercedes Benz C300 4matic
1onwer vehicle with great miles.Comes equipped with power sunroof,bluetooth,heated seats,dual climate controls and many other features.Has been serviced and inspected.
Mileage 85,460

2016 Mercedes Benz GL450 4matic
2owner ,3rd row  that comes with rear backuo camera,dual zone climate control,drivers assist package,heated seats,power tailgate,bluetooth, tow package, sunroof and 4wd.
Price $28,999
Mileage 88,597

2010 Mercedes Benz GL450 4matic
Nice 3rd row SUV that comes equipped with bluetooth, backup camera,heated seats,panoramic sunroof,dual climate controls,tow package,and other options.

Price $12,999
Mileage 143,000

2010 Mercedes Benz ML350 Bluetec

5passenger  SUV with navigation,sunroof,heated seats,tow package,cd player and other options also, V6 diesel getting almost 30mpg.

Price $9,999

Mileage 146,043

2014 Mercedes Benz GLK 250 Blutec
Awd, 4cylinder diesel getting up to 38 mpg,heated seats, sunroof, bluetooth connectivity,power tailgate, navigation,and other features as well. New tires and freshly serviced. 

Price $15,299
Mileage 133,450

2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country
This 1500 has the High Country Package ,equipped with a v6 Duramax Diesel engine.Just about every option available is on this truck. Is in like new condition with 3,200 miles on it.

Price $69,995
Miles 3,211

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