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Mercedes C300


Luxury sedan with a spotless interior and a clean exterior to match.  Plenty of space inside for a full group, while still affording great gas mileage and small size.  Strong engine and clean inside and out​

Mileage:    103,000 Miles
Price:   $16,999      Stock # 1752

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Mercedes GL550​


Luxury SUV with a spotless interior and a clean exterior to match.  #rd row fold down seats with automatic buttons, plenty of space for the whole family while remaining comfortable. 3rd Row seating for extra space​

Mileage:    130,000 Miles
Price:   $34,999      Stock # 1741

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Mercedes GL450

4-Matic ready, beautiful leather interior, and plenty of space!  This SUV is road ready with all the luxury you would expect from Mercedes.

Mileage:    121,000 Miles
Price:   $11,999      Stock # 1748

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Mercedes ML350


Mercedes SUV with a 4matic, beautiful leather interior, and a strong engine.  Plenty of space inside for the family and sunroof available.​

Mileage:    149,000 Miles
Price:   $21,999      Stock # 1745

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Mercedes C300


Clean Mercedes, strong engine and drive train, and plenty of space.  You'll love the woodgrain interior and leather seats, as well as all the luxury upgrades.

Mileage:    111,000 Miles
Price:   $15,999      Stock # 1751

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Mercedes E350

Well maintained 4-door coupe with plenty of space.  Comes equipped with 4-matic, as well as  full leather interior and a clean exterior to match

Mileage:    120,000 Miles
Price:   $13,999      Stock # 1747

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Mercedes C300


This is a LOW-MILE beautiful Mercedes with a great interior and a pristine exterior.  Leather seats, all power everything, satellite and more included in the luxury package.

Mileage:    42,000 Miles
Price:   $23,999      Stock # 1753

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Mercedes ML350


This Mercedes SUV has all the luxury upgrades with all the space for the family.  Sunroof with lots of trunk space, also has a strong road-ready engine.​

Mileage:    150,020 Miles
Price:   $6,499      Stock # 1658

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Mercedes E-320 

This is a road ready vehicle with a beautiful interior and well maintained exterior.  Plenty of space with all the luxury upgrades, including sunroof nd navigation.

Mileage:    130,000 Miles
Price:   $11,999      Stock # 1709

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Mercedes E300


This is a classic E300 with a beautiful exterior and  Turbo-diesel engine.  Leather interior with a strong engine, this Mercedes is road ready and fits a budget.​

Mileage:    150,000 Miles
Price:   $6,499      Stock # 1737

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Nissan Rogue Krom Edition

This is a very well maintained Nissan Rogue Krom edition.  Spacious with room for the family, including AWD, but still great on gas with all the automatic upgrades.

Mileage:    155,000 Miles
Price:   $7,999      Stock # 1644

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Mercedes 450 SL

This is a mint condition, classic convertible.  All original interior and exterior, low miles and a strong engine.  

Grab this classic off the lot before it's too late

Mileage:    105,000 miles
Price:   $9,999          Stock # 1655

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Toyota Sienna

A family ready vehicle with plenty of storage space for vacations and activities.  Strong engine with double automatic doors!

Mileage:    170,000 Miles
Price:   $8,999      Stock # 169

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Chevy Trailblazer 4x4

This Chevy Trailblazer is off-road ready with 4x4, and has plenty of space for the family as well.  side steps and roof rails included for convenience and cargo space.

Mileage:    158,000 Miles
Price:   $6,999        Stock # 1638

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